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digitalk Niš 2023

Ivan Cherevko

Yandex Chief Privacy Officer

Ivan Cherevko is a seasoned executive with a rich technical background, having navigated complex technology landscapes across advertising, travel, and AI sectors. With executive stints as the CTO, CPO, and even CEO, Ivan has demonstrated a blend of strategic and technical acumen in leading large-scale projects. His notable tenure at Yandex as the Chief Privacy Officer saw him establishing a robust privacy function from scratch. Previously, as the CEO and Tech Co-Founder of Hotelscan, he pioneered machine learning applications to enhance the online hotel booking experience, successfully leading the company to a multi-million dollar exit. Besides his corporate achievements, Ivan’s educational journey is remarkable, being the youngest high school graduate at 11 in Ukraine, and holding an M.Sc. in Environmental Science.


subota 28. oktobar

12:55 - 13:15

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