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digitalk Media Days Niš 2023

Tamara Stankov

Glavna i odgovorna urednica @ mediareform.rs

Tamara Stankov, an experienced journalist and media professional, possesses a diverse skill set that encompasses video production expertise, adeptness in media relations, and an exceptional ability for public speaking.

Over the past three years, Tamara has held the pivotal position of Editor-in-Chief at the Media and Reform Centre Nis, a renowned media development hub in Southern Serbia. In this key role, she has not only showcased outstanding leadership but has also been the driving force behind a dynamic team dedicated to crafting top-tier content and leading transformative initiatives within the media landscape. Her remarkable contributions have played an instrumental role in nurturing robust relationships within the media industry, solidifying her reputation as a linchpin of the organization’s mission. Furthermore, her extensive experience features a wealth of high-profile interviews with influential public figures, underscoring her ability to engage with prominent personalities.

Tamara Stankov’s wealth of experience and expertise make her an invaluable asset, notably for events like the Digitalk conference.


četvrtak 26. oktobar

11:10 - 12:00

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