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E-Commerce Zrenjanin 2024

18-19. april 2024. | Hotel Vojvodina

Aleksandar Babić

Senior Business Development Manager @ Yandex Ads

Aleksandar Babić is a B2B professional services veteran with over 15 years of experience in a variety of verticals. In every company he’s worked for, he’s been either the first employee or first person within a sector to launch the company’s commercial path. In addition to the Balkan region, he has worked with companies from around the globe as a consultant in business development. His work has always been at the intersection of technology and more traditional industries, and in the last few years he’s found great satisfaction in new advertising ecosystems and e-comm platforms (Huawei App Gallery, Petal Ads, Yandex Ads Ecomm+). Currently, he works as a Senior Biz Dev for Yandex Ads and its Ecomm+ solution for the Balkan region.


četvrtak, 18. april

11:25 - 11:45

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