Andrei Ungureanu square
Digitalk Zrenjanin 2024

19-21. april 2024. | Hotel Vojvodina

Andrei Ungureanu

Helping you use AI & Design Thinking to solve meaningful problems

He’s a geek who believes AI can amplify empathy, curiosity, and play to solve meaningful problems. Currently, he’s building tools that use AI to workshop solutions that benefit humanity.

Taught and coached Design Thinking to hundreds of associates. Enabled ~400 marketers to use ChatGPT & Stable Diffusion to generate and prototype marketing ideas with an AI X Design Thinking “Game”.

He designed and facilitated 100+ Design Sprints with world-class partners: McCann, Publicis, Bain, Havas, sciFutures, 72andsunny, Avansere, Panini, UEFA, Blizzard Entertainment, McLaren, Gameloft, Experience Point on future-back innovation, new products, sustainability, gaming, marketing campaigns, content, culture, capabilities, and more.

Studied “Experiments in AI-Generated Media” @ MIT Media Lab.


subota, 20. april

15:45 - 16:15

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Predavanje: Hearts, Frameworks & AI: Design a better shared future

How might we leverage AI & Design Thinking to Amplify Humanity?

Part 1: Crash course

Why is there this sudden explosion of gen-AI?

What do most people get wrong about gen-AI?

Part 2: Practice makes perfect

Beyond the hype, can gen-AI help us understand our customers’ problems better, with more empathy?

With better framed problems, how can gen-AI help cross functional teams come come up with more creative solutions? 

How can we gen-AI to help us stress test, refine and build more human centric solutions?

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